Blog Version 3: Checkmate Puzzles Version 3 is here, starting with the most popular puzzles - Checkmates!

New Features and Exciting Updates at

We're rolling out an array of exciting updates at! Check out the enriched player pages, explore the beautiful new premium chess boards, and challenge yourself with new skills and levels in Puzzle Academy. Plus, we're going global with more languages, including translated puzzle annotations. Read on for all the details.

Introducing Checkmate Armageddon: A Timed Chess Puzzle Mode to Save the World!

In this unique and engaging timed mode, you'll be tasked with solving as many checkmate in one puzzles as possible, sending demons back to the shadows with each victory. Are you ready to unleash your inner chess hero and put your checkmate pattern recognition to the test? Read on to learn more about Checkmate Armageddon and how it can enhance your chess experience!

Customize your chess training with the Puzzle Filter

In this blog post, I'll walk you through how to use the Puzzle Filter, showcase some interesting examples, and offer tips to help you get the most out of this invaluable feature. Take your chess skills to the next level with the Puzzle Filter!

New Content Update: Winning the important Rook and Bishop vs Rook Endgame, and more in Puzzle Academy!

The latest content update includes 50,000 new puzzles, 9 new guides, 10 new levels, and how to win the important endgame Rook and Bishop vs Rook.

Press Release about Puzzle Inception introduces Puzzle Inception, an innovative new mode that helps chess players train positional evaluation and tactical alertness

Record-breaking Chess Puzzles

Recently the game Szabo - Stepanenco played in the Romanian championship 2023 made chess-headlines all over the world, because it featured an extraordinary forced checkmate in 16 moves. The puzzle based on this game is now the longest forced checkmate puzzle on Challenge yourself with this and other record-breaking chess puzzles.

Introducing Puzzle Inception: The Future of Chess Puzzles

Want to train more than just tactics? Puzzle Inception is here! This exciting new puzzle mode lets you practice positional evaluation and tactical alertness, all in one package. Try it out for free during the open beta!

New Content Update: Master Knight vs. Pawn Endgames and More in Puzzle Academy

Learn how to master Knight vs. Pawn endgames and more with a variety of challenging skills and levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this update has something for everyone. Check it out now!

Rook versus Knight and Rook versus Bishop endgames in Puzzle Academy Content Update 4

Puzzle Academy now includes 20 new levels, including 8 new endgame skills, covering the two important endgames rook versus knight, and rook versus bishop.

Puzzle Academy Content Update 3, including two complete endgames

Puzzle Academy now includes 26 new levels, including 10 new endgame skills, covering two complete endgames king and pawn versus king, and queen versus pawn.

Endgame Training Positions

Learn and practice endgames on with Endgame training positions!

Puzzle Academy Content Update 2, including the first endgame skills

Puzzle Academy now includes 12 new levels, 5 new skills, and the start of a new "Endgames" course.

Puzzle Academy Content Update

Puzzle Academy now includes seven new levels, two new skills with guides, the start of a new "Attacking" course, and 30,000 new puzzles.

Introducing the hint button

If you have no clue how to solve a puzzle you can now get a hint with the hint button.

Puzzle Academy version 1.0

Puzzle Academy version 1.0 is completed and includes new features for focused practice, and recommended training

Introducing Puzzle Academy quick start

Begin Puzzle Academy with interesting puzzles right from the start

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Puzzle Academy Progress

Recent updates to Puzzle Academy

Puzzle Academy public beta and Premium

We are starting the Puzzle Academy public beta and introducing the Premium Membership

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